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We’re financial technology problem solvers and idea creators.

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Market Development

We help you assess how best to position and sell your products and services.

  • Market Assessment & Strategy

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Sales Strategy, Training & Execution

  • Business Development

Products and Product Strategy

We help you to define, scope and bring your products to market.

  • Product Architecture, Design & Roadmap

  • Product Pricing & Distribution

  • Product & Vendor Evaluation

  • Product Development and Enhancement

Organization Design

We help you define your organization for success and fill roles where needed.

  • Organization Design

  • Organizational Development

  • Process Improvement

  • Staff Augmentation

The Incubator

We help businesses at the formative stage organize and get to market.

  • Business Plan Development

  • Company Formation & Fundraising

  • Go To Market Planning

  • Corporate Development

Mindful Insights brings you a team of industry experts to work alongside your team and see your vision realized. We gather the best minds and make them available to you to help create, evaluate, and support the execution of your business strategy. Leverage our experience to maximize the investment you have already made in your company and realize your full potential.

  • In a strategic engagement, we help you identify new opportunities and chart the course to see your vision realized;

  • In a project-based engagement, we work with your team to deliver the outcomes you want;

  • In a role-based engagement, we fulfill a function for you, whether in a leadership capacity or as individual contributors.

Our experience is in researching and analyzing the competitive landscape, and the true nature of operating and growing businesses in the Payments and Financial Services Industry.

Tap into the knowledge-base of industry veterans who come together around your team and project.

Our experience and track record of expanding business capabilities leans on our strengths in managing businesses and finding new ways to leverage existing assets or delivering your story in a new way.



  • Digital Engagement

  • Payments

  • Architecture



Darrell Johnrud

Contributing Consultants

Jane Wallace


  • Payments

  • Strategic Planning

  • Marketing


Edward Woods



  • Payments

  • Online & Mobile Banking

  • Business Development



Thom Walters


  • Organizational Change

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Strategy Alignment



Dan Thomas


  • Product Management

  • Marketing

  • Payments



Our Team


  • Payments

  • Payments Security

  • Architecture



Paul Reimer

Lou Immendorf


  • Program Management

  • Product Development

  • Start-up Execution



JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM)

Our Project Experience 

Market Development Project Examples


Product and Market Entry Evaluation & Product Pricing Review – Online and Mobile Banking

For an international Financial Services organization, we evaluated their Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Payments capabilities from a product and services perspective, and provided the entry Market Positioning Statement for the US market. Subsequently, we completed a review of their Online Banking product’s pricing within their specific market, considering competitive alternatives and their customers’ and prospects’ ability to pursue in-house development. Our review included recommendations on how they could improve their product and maintain current profitability.

Strategy Assessment – Payment Processor

After a comprehensive assessment of the growth plans for a relative newcomer to the biller-direct payments arena, we provided a detailed set of priority recommendations to pursue additive and alternative strategies and tactics for the company to achieve its aggressive five-year vision.

Market Entry Research and Strategy – Mobile Payments and Payments Processing

For a US-based mobile Payments company, we analyzed and defined the market opportunity to utilize a broader distribution model in the go-to-market strategy. We provided recommendations for targeted business development efforts, based on a review of a large number of Financial Services institutions and solutions providers and their relevant size, strategy , market position, geographic distribution and client base.


Go-to-market Strategy – Debit Card Solution Provider

We helped a vendor with an new product segment the market for maximum return, create a complete sales and marketing strategy, offering definition and collateral pack, and we undertook business development exercises with them.

Product Strategy and Product Development Project Examples


Internet Banking 5 year Product Planning

We were engaged by a vendor in the credit union industry to assist in defining the likely future for Internet Banking over a 5 year horizon. Our involvement included describing what the future may look like, developing business-level user interface prototypes to demonstrate to and engage with executives, and setting up the partnerships to begin this journey.


Software Quality Improvement - Online and Mobile Banking Provider

Software quality begins life when the requirements are defined, and ends when a test phase shows no defects. To achieve this for a client, we created a set of Quality Assurance Test Scripts that are friendly enough to use during the sales cycle to describe product functionality, and detailed enough to use in User Acceptance Testing.


Product Development – Payments Network

A client required oversight of the development of their business requirements for a new national consumer financial services product.  Mindful Insights was chosen to bring industry awareness and knowledge of best practices to augment the skills of the in-house team on the project.

Product Strategy Assessment – NACHA

We evaluated NACHA’s B2B payment strategy and four specific e-payment initiatives’ (Biz, Biller Directory, EBIDS and Secure Vault Payments) impact on B2B market participants, including adoption rates, barriers to entry, resource availability and risk management considerations. We created and undertook a market survey, managed several focus groups and developed a model to assess demand for each payment type initiative among B2B market participants.

Organization Design Project Examples


Project and Portfolio Management tool selection - Credit Union Service Organization

We helped this client understand their requirements through workshops and interviews, and select their tool of choice for Project and Portfolio Management. With over 150 Project Managers and 1,000 staff entering information into the tool, this project will provide significant value once implemented.


PMO Dashboards and Reporting – Financial Services Provider

A client required a detailed specification for their PMO Reporting and Executive Dashboard functionality. We gathered requirements, wrote and gained approval for a business specification, and partnered with a BI software development  organization to deliver the solution.


Business Development Services – Payment Processor

For international financial services concern, evaluated the firm’s electronic bill payment and clearing house payment processing capabilities and developed US go-to-market strategy.  Provided business development services to  enter the US market.


Strategy Development – Personal Financial Management Solution Provider

For an international Personal Financial Management solution provider, we analyzed the potential of leveraging consumer data across dimensions such as enhanced customer services, cross- and up-selling of products, targeted marketing, data provision to other firms, and affiliate marketing programs.

The Incubator

Application Software Development

Our client had an urgent need to extend their existing frameworks with a Trial Deposit application. We held several requirements workshops, designed and developed the application and deployed it into the client’s test environment, on time and budget. This was all completed using the client’s Agile approach, heavily influenced by the Mindful Insights documentation templates and project management skills.


Start-Up Planning

A mobile payments start-up required assistance in developing their business model to target appropriate customer segments. We helped them understand their market, produce a Go-To Market strategy and guided their business development initiatives.

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